News Archive: December 2019

Scaffolding Struck to Block A

Published on Tuesday 17 December 2019

The scaffolding to the first block on our site in St Ives has been struck allowing the detailed features to be clearly seen for the first time. The combination of the brick corbel, dental band course and reconstituted stone sills, plus the arches, slate roof and lead dormers help this new structure blend in to the surrounding area.

The next step is to get the windows installed and continue on with the first fix works to allow the plastering package to commence early in the new year.

The scaffolding to the remaining blocks will be struck during January and will also commence with the first fix works.

Roof structure and covering works progressing

Published on Friday 6 December 2019

Works to roof structure and coverings have been progressing well over the past couple of weeks on our site on East Street in St Ives despite the rain that has fallen. Roof structure is complete to all blocks and the covering works is close behind with only a few weeks work remaining.

We scheduled to install the windows and doors to the first block before Christmas which will enable us to steam ahead with the first fix works throughout. Windows and doors to remaining blocks are scheduled for installation during January 2020.