Burmor attend timber frame factory tour ahead of the installation of 27 units for Cross Keys Homes

Published on Wednesday 26 August 2020

On Friday 21st August representatives from Burmor Construction visited the factory where the timber frame panels are being manufactured for our site of 27 houses in Elm. LoCal homes boast their low carbon message before, during and after their manufacturing process and Burmor are delighted to be able to use their timber frame system for this project.

The panels for the site are being manufactured with 100% of the waste product from the panels being recycled. They will be delivered using a ‘just in time’ ethos to allow an efficient and effective installation process, along with the timber upper floors and roof structures.

The first delivery of timber framed panels is just 4 weeks away as the main road and footpath on the site is being constructed before the winter weather sets in.