Superstructures fly up on site of 27 Dwellings

Published on Wednesday 25 November 2020

Its been 8 weeks since the first timber frame plots were delivered to site and in that short time we have been able to fully erect 14 plots from ground floor level to roof level, including the installation of all fascia and eaves details ready for the roof coverings to be installed.

Once roof coverings are installed the windows and doors are fitted to make the building fully watertight. This then allows internal trades to start work in the plots safely with no risk of damage from weather. One big advantage when using timber frame is being able to work inside the plots whilst the masonry external skin is being constructed. This can be seen on plots 1-3 which are currently having their scaffolding struck just 7 weeks after it was erected and the plots are already being plastered ready for decoration and second fix trades.

The timber frame to the remaining 13 plots is starting next week and we aim to have all the timber frame plots up and water tight by February 2021.